La Nuit de l’Homme Review

One sniff, total recall

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A fragrance is one of those invisible parts of our very personal style. It has a powerful effect on how people see and remember us.

One way to stand out is a good scent, which also offers numerous other benefits, from making you even more attractive to helping you feel more confident and less stressed.

Yves St Laurent’s classic smelling La Nuit de L’Homme fits this bill. It’s an intense, boldly sensual, and very seductive fragrance. Its extremely masculine, bright and fresh notes combine with a nonchalant sophistication to create a natural and crisp yet mysterious scent which conjures up the spicy fresh notes of cedar, cardamom, and the fragrance of coumarin. This is most definitely a smell for the confident man from one of the most iconic of France’s fashion houses.
I give it 5 stars


  • Projection and longevity
  • Great smell
  • Sexy
  • Spicy
  • Long-lasting
  • Compliment magnet
  • Sensual


  • Perhaps too expensive
  • Not really for daytime use
  • Too subtle
  • Too popular
  • A little cloying
  • Only for club or date nights


Launched in 2009 this impressive fragrance was created by noteworthy perfumers Pierre Wargnye, Dominique Ropion, and Anne Flipo. They have created an exciting scent that is bursting with tensions and contrasts.

It comes in a powerful dark flacon that befits its strong ingredients and noticeably represents the strong characteristics of man. The spicy cardamom notes explode on application to combine with the sparkling freshness of bergamot, cedar and lavender. The base notes are of vetiver and cumin, ensuring a sensual finish and an opulent, elegance.

It is available in three sizes – 40ml, 60ml and 100ml

– Projection

This male fragrance casts a wide net and lingers with each turn you take; so much so it is bound to leave a powerful impression on any of the people you meet. If you use it as your signature scent and don’t switch fragrances depending on your mood, this scent will project as far as it possibly can.

– Longevity

In my experience, the performance of La Nuit de l’Homme is quite decent. I reckon it lasts for a good eight hours longevity (even longer on clothes). Though I would suggest this is better suited as a fragrance for cold weather when its scent lasts and lasts. The compliments all come from women, I should add.

– Versatility

This is a very versatile fragrance and I wear it for any occasion, whether it be lunching or clubbing. A lot of people are adamant that it is a night-only scent or only for more formal occasions, but in my opinion, L’Homme can be worn at just about any time.

– Compliments

One thing is for certain about this scent, it has drawn more compliments than any other cologne I have ever used. People tell me it’s very memorable too.


This is definitely one of the most exciting male designer fragrances on the market today. With its unquestionably spicy and sexy vibe that softens to a sweet and clean effect, especially as it settles into your skin, Yves St Laurent’s La Nuit de L’Homme gives a great performance, casting a wide net and lasting around eight hours. This is a great fragrance, which attracts a lot of good compliments, noticeably from the ladies! On one occasion recently, when I was returning by air from a business trip to the Continent I had reason to ask the stewardess if I could check something in my bag, which was in the overhead locker. As the stewardess reached up to grab my piece of luggage she looked down at me and announced how wonderful she thought I smelled!

I have been using this scent for more than three years, and my feeling is that it is a relatively subtle fragrance once you get over the initial explosion of smells.
Although the cardamon and bergamot elements are very prevalent when the fragrance is first applied the opening lacks another element that could really inject excitement – something like a pepper accord. Any sense of citrus notes all but disappears within the first 10 minutes – but this really is not a loss.
Once the scent has dried down to the base notes of wood and vanilla, it really is a comforting scent.
I am known to be a projection killer myself but the longevity is still there. I wear it when I go out in the evening, whether it be to a casual dinner with friends or at a full-on, top-of-the-range black-tie event. It’s a good scent from that solid old house that is Yves St Laurent, which has been producing so many great and iconic perfumes for so long.


A single fragrance has the power to foster deep emotional connections. Indeed smell is our most powerful sense – 150,000 times more sensitive than our vision.

Smell also conjures memories more efficiently than any of our other senses thanks to the olfactory bulb that is connected directly to our limbic system – the emotional brain.

This is why unique and powerful equal deep and emotional connections.

Anyway, when it comes to comparisons with Yves st Laurent’s La Nuit de l’Homme, one obvious competitor is Eros FOR MEN by Versace. However, this is a much more everyday scent for the summer, and in no way as striking, especially when it is worn in the evening.

Another noteworthy challenger is Armaf Club De Nuit INTENSE. This is a similarly Spicy fragrance for men, but is much more recent – only being launched in 2015. Plus its top notes are at the other end of the spectrum to the Yves St Laurent offering. Club De Nuit gives off lemon, apple, black currant and pineapple; meanwhile, its middle notes include rose, jasmine and birch and its base notes are made up of musk, vanilla, ambergris and patchouli. Despite its name, I find this much easier to wear all day.

Also launched in 2015, that can be treated as an alternative to L’Homme is Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive. This has an impressive longevity that just keeps on purring after many hours making its presence felt. This has great maturity and depth but is much more sugary sweet than the Yves St Laurent competitor.