Crochet A Bag Holder With Your Old Bags

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Unsightly but useful: Baled plastic bags for recycling

Do you have a habit of throwing your old plastic bags in a ball when you’ve used them to bring the shopping back home?

Some people who are keen on handicrafts create a crocheted bag to store their old bags in and keep them neat and tidy and out of the way.

But why not go a step further and create an even cleverer and more environmentally friendly solution by crocheting a bag holder with yarn that you have created yourself out of recycling your own leftover plastic shopping and grocery bags.

You can make a very pretty and extremely environmentally benign bag holder simply by following these instructions. And an additional bonus is it will cost absolutely nothing – just your own time and effort.

Choose one of the many striking designs for crochet patterns that are available for making a bag holder.

There’s nothing new about the idea of recycling old used plastic bags but think about it: if you take the bags back to the shop for them to recycle, they will simply melt them down and make new bags. This will have the harmful effect of emitting, even more, pollution into the air.

Fusing and joining plastic bags together with an iron can release some very noxious fumes into the atmosphere, stinking out your home.

Get your scissors

So, why not get out a pair of the scissors you already use for handicrafts and set about recycling any old plastic shopping and grocery bags into useful ‘yarn’ with which to make an attractive bag to store your future collection of plastic shopping bags.

Start by first laying out a single plastic bag. The bags most suitable for this are those thin ones that you find in chain grocers like Walmart. Take the bag’s seams and tuck them in at the side and then smooth out your bag so that it’s flat. This doesn’t have to be done so there are no creases and the bag is perfect. It will all look fine in the end.

Now you are ready to cut off the bottom edge of the bag with your scissors. For this, you will need to ensure your scissors are good and sharp because you will find that even slightly blunt scissors are not able to cut plastic bags well.

Once you have cut the edges you need to fold the bag lengthways and cut the folded bag into strips of about one and a half inches wide. Again this does not need to be perfect. As it’s just a guideline you don’t need to hunt for a ruler.

Every aspect of this task needs to be kept as simple as possible. Now unfold one of the cut strips and begin the process of joining. Be careful so the strip doesn’t tear on any fused seam.

Loop the loops

Get hold of another cut strip and unfold this too. Loop the strip around a thumb and index finger while holding the rest in your fist.

Then continue this process of bag joining by bringing the loop that is on your right hand over the strip that is looped in your left hand.

Maintain the loop that is in your right hand, and grasp the strip from your left hand, pulling it a little of the way through the loop that is in your right hand.

Carry on until you can complete the bag joining and tie the knot. For this, you need to place your left hand through the most left part of that strip that you most recently passed through the loop that was in your right hand and let it settle on your left wrist.

Now grasp the other end of the strip that you passed through the loop in your right hand with your left index finger and thumb.

Draw the part that you’ve already pinched in your left hand through the loop that you have on your left wrist and continue to pull the knot until it is tight.

Finally, you are ready to finish joining the bag loops and begin crocheting. It’s very important that use up all of your shopping and grocery bags.

The yarn that you have created out of all your bags is best crocheted using a size K or larger crochet hook.

In the end, you will have a perfectly crocheted bag in which you can store any shopping bags that you collect in future.